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The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

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Financial limiting beliefs can be the death of our money success. I get it; I'm a mom, and time can feel like it's always against us. "I was born into poverty; this is where I deserve to be." "People like me never achieve financial security." "My divorce cost me everything; I don't have time to rebuild." Sound familiar? You might have your own list, too.

A mentor suggested The Big Leap to me, and now, I find myself returning to it often. It's packed with real-life stories that resonated with me and might hit home with you too. These stories help us identify those pesky limiting beliefs and the repetitive thought patterns that block us from living our best lives and achieving financial prosperity.

Why read this book: Ever felt like you've hit a glass ceiling of your own making? If you're stuck and can't figure out why you're not moving forward, this book might be your wake-up call. It helped me see things from a new perspective and break through my limiting beliefs. Rich or poor this book will unlock a robust set of skills and habits to help you achieve financial health and success.