About Outset

We think everyone deserves to live a life free of money stress and anxiety.

Outset is designed to educate and empower financial literacy and wellness. When you understand your feelings around money you make smarter and better financial decisions. We give you the tools to break down barriers and build confidence so you can live your most financially healthy life from the Outset.

Meet Heather Pulier

Founder of Outset
"I believe that healing our relationship with money transforms every aspect of our lives".
“I’ve had to navigate the complicated jargon of the financial world and feelings of shame and embarrassment because I didn’t know basic money principles. Everything felt confusing on purpose, like I didn't deserve to be financially self-sufficient. But I worked through it. I asked a lot of questions. I had difficult conversations with loved ones that made me realize I was blaming others for my money problems and expecting to be rescued. Eventually I turned my life around. Never again would I plan my financial future around promises, expectations or assumptions. Today, my life’s passion is to help others overcome their fears and be financially self-sufficient.”