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Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel Hardcover by Bonnie Garmus

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In this funny, gripping novel, Garmus explores the subtle yet persistent challenges faced by a generation of women, challenges that continue to resonate in modern times. These issues manifest in various ways, from the "parent penalty" to the persistent wage gap, where women still earn 83 cents on the dollar. The story centers around Elizabeth Lott, a talented research chemist navigating traditionally male-dominated fields in the late 50s and early 60s before second-wave feminism emerged. It artfully illustrates the struggle for respect and equality, the compromises made for personal principles, and the ongoing price paid for carving new paths in love and money.

This book is more than just an engaging story; it's a poignant lesson on women, love, money, and career. And it's soon to be an Apple TV+ series.

Why read this: While set in a different era, the protagonist's struggle mirrors the challenges many women face today. Reading this novel might open your eyes to subtle microaggressions and unconscious biases that could be hindering your personal and financial growth. It's a thought-provoking exploration that may prompt you to reassess your perspectives on love, money, and self-realization.